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Hey! I’m Estelle (she/her)

Founder of Wild Copy Co., copywriter, cold water lover, beach cleaner, and strategic brand storyteller for business growth and positive ocean impact.

You’ve made the ocean your business.

Whether you’re a creative, the founder of an ocean start-up, a surf brand owner or a wellness practitioner, I’m glad you’re here.

I help ocean-inspired founders like you stand out and sell with messaging that gets people buzzing to be part of your pod.

Because by now, you’ve no doubt realised: writing your own copy is challenging.

You might be struggling to distil your passion and story into words that resonate with your audience and lead to action.

Maybe the writing part takes way too much time and energy and you just want to get on with making your mark.

As a copywriter and brand messaging strategist, that’s where I come in.

A copywriter who shares your ocean passion.

I get to know your brand and write your copy so that it not only tells your story but attracts the right people too. *

* (aka the people who will resonate with your environmental ethos and know that you’re the only choice for them)

My intention is to empower you with copywriting services that ideally lead to more income, more impact for the ocean, and more confidence to make your mark.

Oh, and more freedom to enjoy the magic of the sea (because you won’t need to spend so much time and energy “selling”, yay!).

From London to Cornwall to a remote Scottish island to Australia…

Growing up in a commuter town just outside of London, I used to daydream about living by the coast and becoming a writer.

As soon as I finished school, I moved to Cornwall to study a degree in English Literature.

I fell in love with the ocean lifestyle, but after graduating with a first, I moved back to London to launch my writing career.

I worked as an editorial assistant before studying for a diploma in journalism and writing for publications such as Geographical and BBC Wildlife.

I made a good reporter – I’m a listener and I read people well, which means I can find the story in the mess.

But, honestly, I found the extrovert culture of journalism exhausting.

So, I retrained as a copywriter and began helping do-good brands tell their stories instead.

I also moved to a remote Scottish island.

Over the next three years, I grew a copywriting business that I loved – inspired by the wild and working exclusively with conscious clients on their website copy.

I discovered cold water swimming and spent my free time exploring kelp forests and keeping company with curious seals.

While magical, this gave me a front-row seat to the effects of plastic pollution on beaches and marine mammals.

Now based in Sydney, I’ve combined my copywriting skill set with my love of the sea to serve business owners who are helping to heal the ocean.

If my story and mission resonate with you, we could be a good fit!

Let your vision blossom with words that are infused with positive impact.

I work with:

  • Ocean start-ups who need help communicating what they offer and why it’s so special (without the jargon or tech speak)
  • Creatives with an ocean passion, such as photographers, brand designers, writers, jewellers and other makers
  • Sea-inspired holistic health and wellness brands, including those offering retreats, skincare, etc.
  • Bulk refill and zero-waste shops
  • Clothing brands who champion sustainable practices or are raising awareness for the ocean
  • Ocean adventure brands – e.g. surfing, freediving, wild swimming, paddle boarding – with a responsible ethos
  • Marine conservation groups who need help attracting more support
  • Nature-loving service providers, such as VAs and SEOs.

Basically, if you have a passion for the ocean, nature, or values-aligned business, we’d be a good fit.

What to expect:

Writing with personality

I write your copy so that it’s true to your voice and values and infused with your ideal customer’s language too. This means it sounds just like your brand and truly resonates with the right people.

‘Ethical’ copy principles

We’re not going to greenwash or pile on the pressure to convert. Sure, we’ll use conversion copywriting principles. But we’ll use them with integrity. Let’s create a ripple effect of empowered customers!

Infused with impact

Words have power. I connect the dots between your brand story and your ocean ethos for messaging that’s clear, transparent, and infused with impact (i.e. educating and inspiring your audience).





On a personal note:

  • I have a rescue greyhound named Buster (he’s lightning fast but he also sleeps 20 hours a day)
  • I practice yoga and meditation every morning and I’d like to do formal training someday
  • I’m a trained rescue volunteer for ORRCA (Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia)
  • I take my coffee black and single-origin
  • I love the idea of surfing but I haven’t caught any waves yet!

Ready to refresh your copy?

I can’t wait to help you amplify your voice for the ocean!