Estelle sitting at her desk smiling at the camera, with her office behind her. In the bottom left corner, her greyhound Buster is just visible asleep on his bed.

Hi there, I’m Estelle (she/her)

I’m an eco copywriter for kind, planet-loving brands trying to make a difference. Based on the Isle of Jura in Scotland, I’m also a wild swimmer, aspiring yogi, and best pal to my rescue greyhound Buster.

As a copywriter with a love of wildlife and the ocean, I’m passionate about helping environmentally conscious businesses grow their impact through their website copy.

My story

Before working as a website copywriter, I trained as an environmental journalist, writing for local press as well as magazines like Geographical and BBC Wildlife.

I worked as a copywriter for 3 years (in-house and freelance) before realising I could bring my environmental passion into my copywriting work.

Thanks to my background in journalism, I know how to dig for information and intuitively tune into stories that interest people. Clients love how I unearth nuggets of marketing gold from their business and use them to write intriguing, authentic copy that captures the true spirit of their brand.

Since I niched into eco copywriting in 2020, I’ve written websites for brands offering recycled jewellery, Earth Positive clothing, organic skincare, refillable bottle dispensers, handmade soaps, wild nature walks, drinks with garden-grown ingredients, and more.

And now I’d love to write copy for you.

Why the ocean love?

I’m lucky enough to live on a remote Scottish island and have the ocean on my doorstep.

This means I get to see its wonders every day – from the curious grey seals that follow me when I go wild swimming to the lion’s mane jellyfish that appear in mid-summer (thankfully when I’m on my paddle board, not in the water! Yikes!).

It also means I see the consequences of our culture of overconsumption on our environment. It’s rare that I’ll walk the dog at the beach and not come across marine plastic or fishing waste that needs picking up.

This has definitely instilled a sense of responsibility to help protect our beautiful blue planet and make it better for the people and wildlife that call it home. 

And that starts with amplifying the voices of kind-hearted people creating positive change. Like you!

We'll work well together if:

  • You care about using your business to do good. The challenge of making your business better for people and the planet lights you up.
  • You want your copy to feel true to youYou don’t want to come across salesy, showy or pushy. 
  • You like to follow a clear process. You love simplicity and would like to be updated at each step so that you know exactly what to expect next.
  • You don’t need your copy yesterday. You appreciate that good copy takes time and you’re happy to wait at least 4–6 weeks for it.

Committed to ethical, green marketing practices

Like you, I am conscious of my impact on the environment. As such, I am doing my best to make my business greener, more inclusive and more accessible.

You can read more about this in my Environmental Policy.

This is very much a work in progress. If you are having difficulty accessing any of the content, please email me at and I’ll do my best to help.

Who am I?

I live on the Isle of Jura in Scotland with my partner Mark and our rescue greyhound Buster. When I’m not writing copy, you’ll find me swimming in the sea, doing yoga, cooking veggie food (Mexican food is the way to my heart), or curled up with a book. I’m an introvert so living quietly is definitely my happy place. 

Ready to dive in?

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