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Hi, I’m Estelle (she/her)

Eco website copywriter, wild swimmer, aspiring yogi and best pal to my rescue greyhound, Buster.

When I moved from London to Cornwall as a student, I fell in love with the ocean.

I spent my weekends swimming in the sea, collecting shells, jumping off rocks into the fizzing turquoise water, and exploring the magic of the underwater world that sustains us in so many ways.

The ocean became my playground and my therapy.

This is still how I love spending my free time. Except now, I walk on the beach collecting plastic, not shells.

I felt a growing urge to help do something about our culture of overconsumption…

…which is hurting our planet, our wellbeing and of course the people in the least privileged parts of the world who are the least responsible for the environmental crisis.

That’s why I decided to use my website copywriting skills to support businesses who are creating positive change for our oceans, planet and people.

If you’re an eco-conscious business or wellness brand in need of website copy, I’d love to help you.

From environmental journalist
to eco copywriter

Before working as a website copywriter, I trained as an environmental journalist, writing for local press as well as magazines like Geographical and BBC Wildlife.

I then worked as a copywriter for 3 years (in-house and freelance) before realising I could bring my environmental passion into my copywriting work.

Thanks to my background in journalism, I know how to ask questions to get to the heart of your story and intuitively tune into details that will spark connection.

My clients love how I unearth the marketing gold from their business and shape it into clear, compelling copy that captures the personality of their brand.

Since I niched into eco copywriting in 2019, I’ve written websites and other copy for brands offering recycled jewellery, pre-loved clothing, cruelty-free skincare, nature photography, wellness retreats, refillable bottle dispensers, handmade soaps, outdoor walking adventures, drinks with garden-grown ingredients, and more.

And now I’d love to write website copy for you.

You’ll love working with me if:

• You care about marketing your business ethically

• You want your copy to feel true to you

• You want your copy to feel inclusive and welcoming

• You like to follow a clear process

Words backed by
website strategy

Because I specialise in website copywriting, you get more than just words that “sound good”. I root every word of your copy in website strategy so that it actively works to attract your ideal audience and encourage mindful sales.

This includes laying out each page for clarity and flow, mapping what pages you need, structuring your navigation menu, thinking about the user journey, basic search engine optimisation (SEO) and optimising each page to inspire action.

You’ll come away with a clear website copy document that you can hand straight to your website designer, so that they can design a website that works hard for your brand while you’re busy creating positive change.

What is eco copywriting?

Ethical copy principles

Copy that empowers people to make conscious buying decisions rather than rushing them into something they don’t need or can’t actually afford.

Mindful business practices

Copy written by a copywriter who cares about sustainability as much as you do and who tries to limit the negative environmental impact of her business and lifestyle.

Focusing on aligned sales rather than mass

Copy that attracts people who will love your offer rather than just selling as much as possible. In other words, putting people, the planet and ethics before the sale.





Committed to learning and doing better

5 facts about me

  • I’m a quiet soul but I love adventure (mountains, wild swims, long hikes… yes please)
  • I love cooking wholesome veggie food. Ideally with a beer in hand. Mexican food is my favourite
  • I enjoy practising yoga and I’d like to do formal training one day. My go-to asanas are wheel and pigeon pose
  • I once went to walk dogs for a rescue shelter and ended up adopting my greyhound, Buster. Whoops!
  • I care deeply about the work I do

Ready to dive in?

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