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Untangle your ocean story to stand out, make sales and inspire positive impact.

Copywriting studio for brands that are passionate about protecting our big, wild blue.

Solving the ocean’s problems is complex. To stand out and inspire aligned action, you need messaging that’s anything but.

The thing is, as a founder or CEO, you might be too close to your ocean impact business to write about it clearly.

Trying to navigate the complexities of ocean sustainability and innovation can leave your copy tangled in inaccessible jargon, specialist terminology and “tech speak”, making your copy robotic and confusing – and losing the passion and inspiration of your amazing ocean story.

As a copywriter, that’s where I come in.

I bring an outside perspective and untangle your business into a clear story and message that your audience can understand and connect deeply with.

Because when your copy truly speaks to your clients and customers, without the weight of unnecessary complexity, it not only calls in more aligned business…

… It inspires a ripple effect of positive impact for Planet Ocean too.

Ready to shed the confusion and bring clarity and flow to your copy and messaging? Let’s do it!

Hey! I’m Estelle: copywriter, ocean storyteller and founder of Wild Copy Co.

I combined my copywriting skill set with my deeply rooted commitment to the ocean when I realised how many ocean-focused businesses are being held back by unclear messaging.

As an ocean lover and founder myself, I know the challenge of writing yourself in knots trying to find the right words.

What you do is complicated – I get it! But I love complicated.

Solving the puzzle is my superpower and, after 5+ years of specialising in copywriting for eco brands, I have a proven process for writing copy that earns results.

If you’re the founder or CEO of a business that cares for the sea, I’m excited to help you untangle your thoughts and tell your ocean story with clarity and impact.

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Foundational Brand Messaging

Get a simple brand story and core message for your business to bring unity and clarity to all your marketing.

For you if: You feel like you overcomplicate how you talk about your business.

Signature Website Copy

A full copywriting service to untangle your ocean story and write you a website that earns aligned results 24/7.

For you if: You want to fully outsource the “writing” part of your website project.

1:1 Golden Hour Session

“Pick my brain” for a whole hour about your ocean impact business’s copy and messaging. Just $275 AUD.

For you if: You don’t want or need to outsource your copywriting – you’re just stuck and need help untangling a challenge or idea.

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Testimonials that make me glow brighter than bioluminescence:

Estelle’s values as a person dovetail through her work

“The final copy for the website is nothing short of genius. The tones, language and feel are beyond what I had thought possible to create. It was breathtaking to see how she achieved creative writing mixed with streamlined information while evoking all the emotions we had talked about in our meetings.

Estelle’s values as a person dovetail through her work, resulting in an authentic, wonderfully talented copywriter.”

Grant Rozga,

Founder at Jura Guided

Estelle is an outstanding website copywriter

“It was a joy to design a website using Estelle’s copy. I was astounded by her ability to describe things so evocatively but at the same time clearly, simply and without fuss.

Her SEO knowledge, awareness of website structure and formatting of the document also makes my work as a web designer a lot easier.

She’s also such a lovely person to work with and to know. Such a generous, thoughtful and diligent human.”

Tom Garfield,

Founder at Brand New Notebook

Her process is clear and seamless

“Estelle has been an absolute dream to work with. Her process is clear and seamless from start to finish and I love that she took the time to understand my brand and the products I sell in great detail.

Estelle nailed the copy in her first draft, perfectly capturing my brand’s personality and tone of voice – I couldn’t be happier with the work she has done for me.

I would highly recommend Estelle to anyone looking for a copywriter. If you are an ocean-loving business, her words will definitely help you make a positive impact.”

Leyla Alexander,

Founder at You Are The Sea

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1% for coral reefs and marine mammals

I donate 1% of my annual earnings to environmental causes through 1% for the Planet. For 2023–24, I’m supporting the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and Country Needs People.

Untangle your ocean story to grow your impact

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