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The Website Copy Audit


Get a copywriter’s eyes on your copy so you can take it from ‘meh’ to magic

Your website copy is written, but is it sparking sales?

If you’re an eco-conscious business owner with a product or service you know your audience loves, but you’re not sure if your website is selling it effectively, I can help.

Perhaps you’re getting lots of people to your website but they’re not taking the next step.

Maybe you DIY’ed your website copy and don’t feel as confident as you’d like about what you’ve written.

Or you might just feel too close to your copy and want a second pair of eyes to make sure you haven’t missed any opportunities.

If any of this resonates but you’re not quite ready to invest in a full, done-for-you copywriting service, my Website Copy Audit could be for you.

Say hello to… the Website Copy Audit

This is where I comb through your website copy and give you feedback and actionable suggestions on how you could strengthen it to inspire more sales.

Rather than me writing or rewriting any copy for you, I give you feedback on what you’ve written and show you where it could do a better job of connecting and converting.

You’ll get bespoke suggestions within two weeks so that you can:

  • Take clear action to tweak copy that isn’t quite right
  • Make strategic, copywriter-recommended changes to spark more sales
  • Feel confident your website copy is serving your business!

A Website Copy Audit is for you if:

• You DIY’ed your copy and now you’re second-guessing it

• You don’t have the budget for a done-for-you copywriting service but still want effective copy, OR you’re curious about working with a copywriter but don’t know if you actually need to

• You’re spending WAY too much time (and mental energy) tinkering

• You’re up for editing your own website copy based on my feedback and suggestions

What does a Website Copy Audit cover?

I’ll go through your website with a copywriter’s eye and check it has everything your perfect customer needs to feel clear and confident enough to take the next step.

Some of the points I look at include:

  • Is your core message quick and easy to understand?
  • Does your hero section (the section at the top of the page) communicate who your products or services are for, and how they can benefit them?
  • Does your copy flow naturally down the page, or is something making it difficult to read?
  • Is your brand’s tone of voice consistent?
  • Have you used ethical copy principles?
  • Are your SEO keywords in all the right places?
  • Is your call to action clear and within reach at all times, or does it leave your readers unsure of what to do next?
  • And more, depending on your website and business goals

What you get:

A Word doc report with my comments, feedback and actionable suggestions for up to 5 website pages.

A recorded Loom video where I talk you through my findings and suggestions.

An optional 30-minute consultation chat to clarify anything you’re unsure of and answer your questions.

Your investment



2 weeks

How it works


You book a Website Copy Audit (which you can do here). I send you an invoice and, once that’s paid, we’re good to go.


You fill out a short questionnaire about your brand and website to give me all the info I need to review your copy strategically.


Within two weeks, I send you a Word doc with my feedback and actionable suggestions, plus a recorded video version, so that you can start fixing up your copy. Should you have any questions, we can book a 30-minute chat to go through them.

What a Website Copy Audit is not

A done-for-you copywriting/copy-editing service – A Website Copy Audit is a review rather than me rewriting any copy for you. If I do include specific rewrites, those are absolutely yours to use. But overall, it’s a critique to help you optimise what you already have and spot any missed opportunities.

A proofreading service – While I’ll be sure to flag any glaring typos or errors that interrupt the flow of your copy, I won’t thoroughly check your grammar or spelling. If you’re looking for a proofreader, I’m happy to share some recommendations.

A full SEO audit – I’ll check that your target SEO keywords are in the right places on each website page, but I don’t do technical SEO or anything more in-depth. Again, I know some brilliant SEO specialists if you need a referral.

Hi, I’m Estelle

I’m a website copywriter and strategist for eco and wellness brands. Based on the Isle of Jura, I’m also a wild swimmer, aspiring yogi and best pal to my rescue greyhound, Buster.

Like you, I believe in doing good work that creates positive change for people and the planet. That’s why I combined my skills in website copywriting with my love of the ocean and nature – to help kind people like you grow their businesses and their impact.

In my 3+ years as a website copywriter, I’ve helped ethical jewellery makers, nature photographers, pre-loved clothes shops, cruelty-free skincare brands, wellness specialists, outdoor walking companies, handmade soap shops, refillable bottle brands and more put their businesses into words that spark sales online.

And now I’d love to help you.

Frequently asked questions

I sure can. Get in touch to let me know what you need and I’ll put together a custom quote.
Yes! You can send me your copy in a Word document.
I normally can, yes. If you get in touch, I’ll let you know if I can help and I’ll put together a custom quote for you.
The Website Copy Audit is designed to be DIY-friendly, but absolutely I can help implement the feedback if that’s what you need. Just let me know and I’ll put together a custom quote for you. Or, if you want to start from scratch and get a full rewrite, I’ll deduct half of the audit cost from the website copywriting package fee.
If you let me know once you’ve implemented my feedback, I can do a second mini review of your copy to help you feel truly confident about the words you’ve written. * *In order to get this bonus, please book your follow-up check within 30 days of receiving your Website Copy Audit.

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