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Jura Guided

The client:

Jura Guided is a guided walking business on the Isle of Jura, founded by Grant Rozga. Grant is passionate about helping locals and visitors alike explore his island home and sharing an authentic experience of its wild landscape, rich Hebridean culture and small community.

The project:

Grant hired me to write the copy for the new Jura Guided website. Grant wanted to achieve an authentic tone that wasn’t “showy” or “salesy” and that gave visitors a tangible connection with the island.

As with all my website copywriting projects, the project included:

  • A brand clarity and exploration session (i.e. getting clear on audience, offering, brand personality, tone of voice, competitors, values, etc.)
  • Website messaging (i.e. copy for each page – structured for clarity, flow and impact – plus microcopy and guidance on the footer)
  • Website strategy (i.e. advising on which pages are needed, structuring the user journey throughout the website and crafting the navigation menu)
  • Basic SEO (i.e. keyword research (1–2 keywords per core page), metadata and optimising the copy with a light touch for the keyword and searcher intent)

Created in collaboration with website designer Tom Garfield at Brand New Notebook

Estelle’s values as a person dovetail through her work

“I was led to Estelle after creating a new business called Jura Guided. I had heard rave reviews and amazing feedback from other businesses. In our first meeting I had little more than the bare bones and a general idea of what I wanted Jura Guided to become. By the time I left my confidence had soared, and clarity, definition and identity had started to form.

Estelle’s engaging conversational style put me at ease. Listening is an art form and one Estelle has mastered in her craft, drawing out the most authentic feelings and values of Jura Guided.

Estelle’s contributions were articulate, astute and always constructive. If I ever meandered off course from the true north, there was an effortlessness in Estelle’s ability to nudge me back on track. I was astounded at how deeply connected Estelle was to the project and this made me feel very safe in her copywriting expertise.

The final copy for the website is nothing short of genius. The tones, language and feel are beyond what I had thought possible to create. It was breathtaking to see how she achieved creative writing mixed with streamlined information while evoking all the emotions we had talked about in our meetings.

I would recommend working with Estelle in any capacity – new business or established. Gaining the mastery of her work is undoubtedly the best decision I’ve made in creating Jura Guided.

Estelle’s values as a person dovetail through her work, resulting in an authentic, wonderfully talented copywriter.”

Grant Rozga,

Founder at Jura Guided,

Estelle is an outstanding website copywriter

“Estelle is an outstanding website copywriter. It was a joy to design a website using Estelle’s copy. Her captivating words inspired my design choices, and helped me to produce my best work too. I was astounded by her ability to describe things so evocatively but at the same time clearly, simply and without fuss.

Her SEO knowledge, awareness of website structure and formatting of the document also makes my work as a web designer a lot easier. Properly formatted with the correct meta and heading tags and very helpful notes. 404 error copy, thank you page copy, all included! You can tell she’s thought carefully about the website itself and not just the copy she’s writing.

She’s also such a lovely person to work with and to know. Such a generous, thoughtful and diligent human.”

Tom Garfield,

Co-founder at Brand New Notebook,

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