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Frequently asked questions

Answers to your questions about our ocean-focused copywriting services

Let’s clear some things up

I get asked similar sorts of questions about my copywriting and content writing services, so I’ve pulled together some common questions here along with my (hopefully) helpful answers.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! I love working with clients in all different countries.
Possibly, if our values are aligned! If you care about using your business to create positive change in the world, I'd love to hear from you. Maybe it's easier to say who I DON'T work with. I don't work with businesses connected to the fossil fuel industry, gambling, animal testing, or who don't support the rights of women or the LGBTQ+ or BIPOC community.
No. While I can work with your brand voice guide if you already have one, my website copywriting briefing includes a brand voice process. If you'd like my help creating a brand voice guide that you can share with your team, let me know and I'll add it to your project (or we can do it as a standalone project).
To start with, I just need to know a bit about your business, what project you'd like to work with me on, your budget and your ideal timeline. When we start working together, I'll guide you through a briefing process that lets me collect all the information I need about your business. This includes what you do, why you got started, who your perfect customer is, why your perfect customer would choose you over another business, and who else does what you do (your competitors). The more detail you can provide me with, the better.
Sadly, this isn't my skillset! But I can recommend some fantastic website designers.
Yes. While I specialise in website copywriting, I have the skills to write copy for all different elements of your marketing mix. So, if you need help crafting that email sequence or writing an effective SEO blog post, just let me know and I'll put together a custom quote.

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