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Finding your brand voice when you are quiet or introverted

Since starting my copywriting business in 2017, one of the biggest blocks I’ve had is around finding my brand voice. As a naturally introverted and quiet person, I’ve always thought I needed to be bolder and bubblier and wittier to have a distinctive brand voice.

But I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can have a powerful brand voice when you’re on the quieter side – and you don’t need to go against what comes naturally to you in order to find it.

In this blog, I share some mindset shifts that have helped me get to know my own brand voice and personality over the past few months. I hope it helps you gain the confidence and clarity to embrace your own quiet tendencies in your marketing and find a brand voice and writing style that feel true to you.

Mindset shift #1:

Your brand voice isn’t created, it’s uncovered

One of the things it took me longest to realise is that I didn’t need to ‘construct’ a brand personality and voice – they were already there inside my business and just needed teasing out.

I spent my first few years in business trying to create a bubbly and witty brand style by picking bits from other brands I liked and piecing them together.

But doing this created two problems:


I then had to live up to this personality across all my marketing and interactions with clients, which was exhausting.


I ended up blending into the background because I hadn’t found my voice – I was just using an amalgamation of others’.

As soon as I found peace with my quiet personality and embraced this as part of my brand, I began to find my flow with writing for my business. I realised that what made my brand unique was me, exactly as I am.

As a business owner with a business that you love, you have a vision and values and ideas and ways of doing things that are unique to you. This makes your voice special. 

The most authentic way to find your brand voice is to tease out these natural tendencies and differences.

Mindset shift #2:

Your brand voice doesn’t have to be loud in order to have an impact

Nor does it have to be clever or quirky or chatty or excitable (if that doesn’t feel right to you).

There’s power in gentleness, quiet and sensitivity. It puts the focus on your values and what you are saying, and allows people to connect with the real you, which is key when you are the face of your business. Also, there are customers who prefer a softer approach. So, by embracing your quiet nature, you are opening yourself up to deeper connections with like-minded people.

If a gentler communication style is what comes naturally to you, your brand absolutely can (and should) reflect that.

Mindset shift #3:

The most powerful thing your brand voice can be is true to you

When people visit your website or look at your socials, they are seeking authenticity and connection. They want to get a true sense of who you are and what your brand stands for.

If you try to be someone else with your brand voice, people won’t be able to get a clear idea of what your brand is about. The magic that you bring to your business will be lost in translation.

In my opinion, the power of your brand voice comes from staying true to who you are and what you value.

So, be more of yourself in your business and let your gentle spark shine bright – only then will you be able to stand out and connect truthfully with potential customers who will love what you do.


I really hope these mindset shifts help you embrace your quiet nature in your business and find a brand voice that feels true, powerful and intuitive to you. 

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Keep making waves!