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My commitment to greener business practices

As a copywriter in the sustainability space, I try to keep my business practices as environmentally conscious as possible.

Online service-based businesses have footprints too! From energy use to our digital carbon footprint to how we contribute to mindful consumption, our daily actions have an impact. Here are some of the ways I’m trying to reduce my negative impact and hopefully create some positive change too.

If you’re curious to know more, feel free to reach out!

Carbon emissions

My website is hosted green with Kualo, which runs on 100% renewable wind energy

I use Ecologi to plant trees to help with carbon offsetting. I signed up in November 2021 and currently have 228 trees in my forest, which have offset 13.89 tonnes of carbon

I use Ecosia as primary search engine, which is carbon negative and helps with reforestation

I attend a monthly digital clean-up event via the Ecopreneur Community to reduce digital clutter and lighten associated emissions

I turn off lights, computers and electrical equipment when not in use

I am mindful of using heating sparingly with the environment in mind (I work from home and my heating is powered by air source heat pump)

Giving back

Beach Clean

I do a 1-hour beach clean for each new client signed. Since launching my Beach Clean Bonus in May 2022, I’ve completed 3 hours of beach cleaning and collected many bags of plastic bottles, straws, sweets wrappers, fishing rope, food containers, helium balloons and tiny plastic fragments

Marine Conservation

I volunteer my time for ad-hoc marine conservation work. In August 2022, I will be helping with seagrass harvesting through Seawilding. In September 2022, I will be training as a marine mammal medic with British Divers Marine Life Rescue

One Percent

I contribute 1% of annual earnings to environmental causes through the 1% for the Planet membership

Ten Percent

For every new client referral, I donate 10% of the initial project fee to a marine conservation charity of my choosing in lieu of a referral fee. So far in 2022, I’ve donated £98.50 in referral fees to the Marine Megafauna Foundation

Ethical Marketing

The Green Marketing Academy

In January 2022, I completed my certification with The Green Marketing Academy, which helps business owners make their marketing more sustainable, accessible and inclusive.

The Ethical Move

In July 2022, I took the pledge with The Ethical Move, which aims to break the cycle of manipulation-driven consumerism and empower consumers through transparent, responsible and honest marketing.

People + Planet First

In my copywriting practices, I don’t believe in using pressure or misleading people to make sales. I believe in putting people, ethics and the planet before the sale.

Office supplies and materials

  • Wherever possible, I use recycled or less environmentally damaging options for stationery and office supplies
  • In general, I take a minimalist approach and only buy what I need
  • If I need to make notes, I try to only use scrap paper
  • For postage, I try to use repurposed packaging, with plastic-free sticky tape, etc.
  • I only use reusable water bottles, coffee cups, etc.
  • I avoid printing where possible; otherwise, I try to print on recycled paper
  • For commercial printing, I take care to choose eco-friendly paper stocks where available (for example, my business cards are made from recycled cotton t-shirt offcuts and printed with soy-based inks)
  • I use cleaning products that are as ecologically friendly as possible

What I’m still working on:

  • I am working on improving the accessibility of my website and marketing. Amy Greenwald at Blue Raspberry Design is helping me with this from a website design point of view
  • I need to switch to a banking provider that aligns with my ethics and doesn’t fund fossil fuels. My deadline for doing this is March 2023. The reason for such a long deadline is that I am doing an international move in February 2023, which will be an ideal chance to move banks
Estelle snorkeling in the ocean

If you have any questions regarding my Environmental Policy, please feel free to reach out to me at

Last updated: August 2022