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Even online businesses have an environmental footprint

Work with a copywriter who’s always trying to do better for the ocean and planet

My mission is to empower ocean-inspired brands to make a difference through copywriting and storytelling. Behind the scenes, I run my business with sustainability in mind. In this Environmental Policy, you will find some of the ways I try to reduce the negative environmental impact of my copywriting business, as well as how I’m trying to create more positive ocean impact.

Sustainability practices

My website is hosted green with Kualo, which runs on 100% renewable wind energy.

I use Ecologi to plant trees to help with carbon offsetting. I signed up in November 2021 and have 348 trees in my forest, which has led to 22.89 tonnes of carbon emissions being avoided.

I make a monthly commitment to clean up the digital waste I produce, such as emails, photos and other digital files. Not only does this improve the lifespan of devices, it reduces carbon emissions too.

This website was created by green website designer Amy Greenwald of Blue Raspberry Design. It was expertly designed with carbon emissions and accessibility in mind.

I use Bank Australia for my business banking because of its commitment to ethical investing. Find more information in my blog on responsible banking and investing.

Each client, supplier and partner I choose to work with aligns with my core values – kindness, sustainability and authenticity. Read more about my values on my About page.


1% For The Planet

I donate 1% of my annual earnings to environmental causes through 1% for the Planet. For 2023–24, I’m supporting the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Country Needs People, and the Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia (ORRCA).

Marine mammal rescue

I’m a trained rescue volunteer with both ORRCA in Australia, and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) in the UK. This involves attending call-outs for injured or distressed marine mammals and assisting with citizen science and research efforts.

Content that sparks impact

I aim to use my messaging, blog and social media accounts to educate and inspire my audience around sustainability.

Referral fees for good

When you refer a project or client to me, I donate 10% of the initial project fee to an environmental cause as a thank you.

Ethical marketing

The Green Marketing Academy

In January 2022, I completed my certification with The Green Marketing Academy, which helps business owners make their marketing more sustainable, accessible and inclusive.

The Ethical Move

In July 2022, I took a pledge with The Ethical Move to follow ethical marketing principles in my business. This movement aims to break the cycle of manipulation-driven consumerism and put the human (and planet) before the sale.

No greenwashing

I’m committed to avoiding greenwashing in my own messaging and in my clients’. My process is to ask probing questions, dig into the details, and conduct research to ensure we are being clear, honest and specific in our claims.

Working from home

  • Wherever possible, I use recycled or less environmentally damaging options for stationery and office supplies
  • If I need to make notes, I try to only use scrap paper
  • I use reusable water bottles, coffee cups, etc.
  • I drink Republica coffee, as this brand has strong ethical credentials
  • I avoid printing where possible; otherwise, I try to print on recycled paper
  • For commercial printing, I take care to choose eco-friendly paper stocks where available (for example, my business cards are made from recycled cotton t-shirt offcuts and printed with soy-based inks)
  • I use cleaning products that are as ecologically friendly as possible

What I’m still working on

Sustainability is an ongoing process. I aim to audit my sustainability processes once per quarter and choose three new focus areas.

In Q3 2023, I will action the following tasks:

  • Switch to a professional indemnity insurance provider that doesn’t invest in or underwrite fossil fuel companies
  • Sign up to Greenspark and Only One to introduce donation-based impact to my client process
  • Move to a green website host that’s located in Australia
    Estelle snorkeling in the ocean

    Want to chat sustainability or ask about my eco policies? Please reach out to me at

    Last updated: July 2023