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How it works

What to expect when you work with me

Tailored to your needs but grounded in a solid online process

The story of your ocean brand is unique, and so are your aspirations. That’s why the first step to working with me is a relaxed intro call so we can get to know each other and work out the details of what you need. While my copywriting services are tailored to your brand and goals, my core process stays the same. I’ve refined it over 5+ years of writing copy to keep your project clear and enjoyable for both of us. Because when the process is a breeze, we can put all our energy into the creative bit!

My process

1. Booking

The first step is to fill out an enquiry form. Then I get in touch to schedule a friendly intro chat so we can meet each other and check we’re a fit. I send you a proposal and, if you’re happy with that, you pay a 50% commencement fee to lock in your project.

2. Briefing

I send you a brand questionnaire to bring clarity to your unique selling proposition, offer, ideal audience, voice, values, and mission. Then it’s time to dive deep. I interview you (the founder) to dig into your story, expertise, and why. As well as giving me a solid understanding of your business, my clients often tell me they gain clarity over their brand during this briefing process – it’s a really valuable session.

3. Research and writing

Over the next 2–4 weeks, I conduct research (this might include voice-of-customer research, where I interview 3–5 of your favourite customers; competitor research; and keyword research). Then I write up the first draft of your new website, brand messaging guide, or other copy. Whatever we’re working on, your copy will be delivered in a comprehensive copy deck, along with a video walkthrough.

4. Revisions and sign-off

We work through two rounds of revisions to get your copy exactly as you want it. Once you’re happy, I get the copy professionally proofread and return it to you, along with the final invoice and a testimonial form. As soon as the final invoice is paid, the copy is yours to use!

Hey! I’m Estelle

I’m a copywriter and brand messaging strategist for ocean-inspired founders and creatives. Based in Sydney, I’m also an aspiring freediver, yogi, cold water lover and greyhound owner.

I’m here to help you distil your ocean brand and story into clear, relatable and impactful messaging.

Because it’s easy to get lost in the weeds when trying to write for yourself.

Especially when you need your words to connect with the right people and lead to sales.

(And champion your ethos, without jargon or greenwashing.)

That’s where I come in.

As a copywriter, I take the mental load off and write your copy so that it is true to you, communicates what you do, and earns results for your brand and the ocean too.

Frequently asked questions

No. The briefing interview is the most important part of our work together. I craft your copy to earn results, so I need to be able to get inside your head and explore your brand from different angles. The alternative is copy based on guesswork, or that sounds okay on the surface but isn't serving your brand goals. An in-depth briefing chat is the backbone of glowing copy!
Ideally, I'd like to be involved in the briefing process with your client. But if that's not an option and you've put together a solid brief, then yes, I can work with your brief.
Copy is only effective if your ideal customers see themselves reflected in it. If it speaks their language and replays the conversations in their heads. This is why I interview 3–5 of your favourite customers before I start writing. Rather than guessing what's going on when people choose your brand, talking to them directly can be a gold mine of information that I can use to inform your copy.
I aim to interview 3–5 of your favourite customers or clients. These will be informal 30-minute chats, and I'll ask a few questions about their experience with your product or service. I understand it can be daunting to ask for interviews. I have an email template you can send to your customers to make the ask easier. You might like to offer each interviewee a small incentive, such as a coffee or book voucher, or making a donation on their behalf.
You get two rounds of revisions within the project fee. I can definitely help with extra revisions if needed, at an hourly rate.
For a copy audit, the process is shorter and quicker: 1) you fill in a questionnaire and return it to me; 2) I go away and review your copy; 3) I send you your copy audit report and recorded video walkthrough; and 4) we schedule a follow-up call should you have any questions (this is optional). Please note that copy audits are charged in full upfront.

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